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Technical staff member


Dr. rer. nat. Andreas Fuls

Surveyor for measuring and surveying


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Research / Projects

Collaboration at third party funded projects (completed)

  • Analysis of a digitalised world map in the „Geographike hyphegesis“ from Claudius Ptolemy
  • Geodetic deformation analysis and regional adjustment of a world map from Claudius Ptolemy
  • Administration of the database ancgeo

Dissertation (completed)

  • Astronomical dating of the Classic Maya culture


Deciphering the Phaistos Disk and other Cretan Hieroglyphic Inscriptions: Epigraphic and Linguistic Analysis of a Minoan Enigma
Citation key Fuls.2019
Author Fuls, Andreas
Year 2019
ISBN 978-3-7482-5972-5
Address Hamburg
Number 1
Publisher tredition
Series Mathematica Epigraphica
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