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Technical staff member


Dr. rer. nat. Andreas Fuls

Surveyor for measuring and surveying


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Research / Projects

Collaboration at third party funded projects (completed)

  • Analysis of a digitalised world map in the „Geographike hyphegesis“ from Claudius Ptolemy
  • Geodetic deformation analysis and regional adjustment of a world map from Claudius Ptolemy
  • Administration of the database ancgeo

Dissertation (completed)

  • Astronomical dating of the Classic Maya culture


There and back again: Eine 2-Schritt Plateau-Suche zur Klassifizierung in ähnliche kartographische Attributgruppen
Citation key fuls.2013c
Author Fuls, Andreas
Title of Book Entwicklerforum Geodäsie und Geoinformationstechnik 2012
Pages 141–149
Year 2013
Address Aachen
Editor Sven Weisbrich and Robert Kaden
Publisher Shaker Verlag
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