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Determination of Phobos' rotational parameters by an inertial frame bundle block adjustment
Zitatschlüssel Burmeister.2018
Autor Burmeister, Steffi and Willner, Konrad and Schmidt, Valentina and Oberst, Jürgen
Seiten 963–973
Jahr 2018
ISSN 1432-1394
DOI 10.1007/s00190-018-1112-8
Journal Journal of Geodesy
Jahrgang 92
Nummer 9
Monat sep
Zusammenfassung A functional model for a bundle block adjustment in the inertial reference frame was developed, implemented and tested. This approach enables the determination of rotation parameters of planetary bodies on the basis of photogrammetric observations. Tests with a self-consistent synthetic data set showed that the implementation converges reliably toward the expected values of the introduced unknown parameters of the adjustment, e.g., spin pole orientation, and that it can cope with typical observational errors in the data. We applied the model to a data set of Phobos using images from the Mars Express and the Viking mission. With Phobos being in a locked rotation, we computed a forced libration amplitude of 1.14circ pm 0.03circ 1.14∘0.03∘together with a control point network of 685 points.
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