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Methods of Geoinformation ScienceGIS Internet, Mobile, and Distributed GIS

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GIS Internet, Mobile, and Distributed GIS

Students understand the concepts and technologies of how to prepare, visualize, and process spatial data on the web. They have knowledge of internet technologies, web mapping methods, and related data exchange formats. Additionally, they understand advanced methods for trajectory analysis and spatial data matching. Students are, furthermore, familiar with technologies of geo sensor networks including the standardized communication of sensors and complex event handling.

GIS Internet, Mobile, and Distributed GIS (6 CP)
Internet, Mobile, and Distributed GIS IV 3633 L 9078
Module Type
Compulsory elective
Person in charge
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Kada
Entry requirements
Successful completion of module FOU Geoinformatics 1.
1 semester
Study effort equivalent to the examination:
Lectures (50%)
Exercises (50%)
Overall attendance: 15 x 4 h = 60 h
Preparation and post processing: 15 x 8 h = 120 h


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